Part of Barcelonas Digital Ecosystem

Barcelona. Mere mention of the name brings to mind thoughts of miles of breathtaking beaches, some of the world’s most spectacular modernist and gothic architecture, exquisite Catalan cuisine (tapas, anyone?), creative and boundary-pushing fashion, nonstop nightlife, and plenty of other amazing attractions. In other words, it’s not one of Europe’s most visited cities for nothing.

And while Barcelona definitely attracts tourists with its wealth of culture, the city is also a major hub for newcomers who want to study and work. Why? Barcelona’s cutting-edge digital ecosystem. With more active Big Data projects than anywhere else in Europe and a thriving digital economy, Barcelona is a European Capital of innovation.  This culture capital has become the Mobile World Capital and plays host to some of the world’s biggest tech events.

All this means that, in terms of ‘digital’ destinations, Barcelona should be at the top of your list. Here’s a closer look at the city’s tech hub status, along with one master’s degree program which can help you gain an inside edge in reaching your own digital career goals against a bustling backdrop of all of Barcelona’s amazing offerings.

From Ancient Village to Venture Capital Hub

Barcelona’s origins as the Iberian village of Barcino date all the way back to the 2nd century.  Two thousand-some years later, it’s now undergoing a massive transformation as part of its innovative Barcelona Digital City 2017-2020 plan, “the city’s roadmap to drive technological sovereignty for citizens.”

According Barcelona Digital City, Barcelona “aims to progressively provide all areas of the city with infrastructures, resources, incentives and programmes so that each community, neighbourhood and district has access to the resources that allow citizens, of all ages and statuses, to use technology ensuring better public services and a more balanced and sustainable economic and social growth.”

And given its visionary ambition, it’s hardly surprising that so many digital startups, startup incubators, top international VCs have chosen to focus their attention on this magnificent metropolis. In fact, according to just-released data from the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona’s digital ecosystem, including investment rounds and sales (exits), moved a whopping 1,200 million euros in 2016 alone. Additionally, as home to 28.4 percent of all Spanish startups, Barcelona is the country’s largest tech hub and also lands a spot among Europe’s top five when it comes to its tech startup numbers. From big data to entrepreneurial enterprises, more big thinkers are setting their sights on Barcelona.

Concludes Culture Trip, “[Barcelona has] always been looked upon as a city of great thinkers, artists and architects, but now it can add “smart city” and “leading startup hub” to its repertoire, rendering it a prime location to launch a startup and attracting increasing numbers of international talent to its shores. In fact, Barcelona has now secured its status as one of Europe’s hottest startup capitals.”

Be at the Center of it All

We’ve established that Barcelona is the place to be for up and coming titans of technology, which begs the question: Which program offers the best pathway to a leading digital career? Consider Barcelona Technology School’s Master in Digital Solutions Development. An advanced degree designed to train the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs, this nine-month, English language program prepares grads to assume their places at the forefront of the fast-paced international high-growth internet and digital sectors.